Merry Christmas!

I like this theme, for this holiday season. Merry Christmas from Andrew.


I have lied to any views in the past two months. I have not posted everyday. I am straight lazy. I jsut have no motivation to do any posts. I can think of perfectly acceptable posts, but I cant get the “umph” to type it out. It bugs me. But, I feel as though my text sits here and doesnt do anything except pollute the internet. I feel like there is no reason for this to even exist. I know no one reads this. So why do I post it? I dont. But, I want to try again. Renew the site. Give a new design to it. Ill be back.

Lets do get some things straight.

There is going to be some changes around here. I havent really been up on blogging recently. Mostly, its been laziness. There is going to be a flood of posts here tonight. Mostly, just catching up.

I will start blogging on a daily basis, or atleast try to. Just, a lot of stress frim school recently. A lot of work from school too. And, I need to make the time to get my thoughts out.

ZOMG! Ubuntu~!

I have recently decided to install that on to my Laptop. Just to test it out. Ill try to be back later, and tell how it went.

And, ill be working on a page, that has a lot of banners, etc. No advertisements. But, to give insight on “stuff” I do and visit.

Back so soon?

I just wanted to make a post that I am alive.

Nothing new has been happening. At all. Just, days are passing by.

A landmark.

Over 800 views now. I have come a long way. I cant believe I have kept up with my promise of carrying on a blog.

Peace out 😀

Another quick post.

Not much really happening.

Been cramming like crazy to achieve a 3.5 in school right now. Except for tonight. I kind of blew off some of my homework. I just could not concentrate. I got most of my Bio done. None of my English. And, 80% of my Math.

Ill probably work on some English tonight. Bio, i just could not get a simple summary from Wikipedia. And, math… Well, I thought the questions where not specific enough to the criteria.

I need to put it into gear, and stop postponing, and waiting till last minute.

I even have a “last minute” class. Its basically a working period. I will do the mojority of English in there tomorrow. I wish I can try to change my work ethic. I am trying to. My grades and school are both extremely important to me.

I need to start avoiding the computer more, and focus on the more important work at hand. Not to say, I will not be on as much. But, put it to last.
I would go crazy if I could not use the computer.